7 of the best facials for summer-ready skin

Road-tested by the Beauty Crew team

“I’ve been obsessed with Diandra’s manner and technique for yonks, and I was so ecstatic when she finally launched her own studio in a quiet suburb just outside of the CBD. Whether you’ve done it tough this year or are hungover from all the summer festivities, opt for the heavenly Ultimate Recovery Facial, which includes a deep cleanse (yes, she even does extractions!), a heavenly facial massage and nourishing products to refresh your tired complexion.“ - Iantha Yu, Beauty Editor

How To Work Out If You Need A Face Oil & Which One’s Right For Your Skin

By Melissa Mason

“Oils are concentrated and packed with vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants that restore and protect the skins barrier function. The right one can regulate your skin’s oil production. Some oils even contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing compounds.” - says Diandra.

Are Facial Extractions Good Or Bad?

By Sherine Youssef - Gritty Pretty

“To squeeze or not to squeeze? It’s right up there with “is toner necessary?” (possibly) and “do I really need an eye cream?” (yes): Are facial extractions the ticket to clear skin, or are they doing more harm than good? Well, it depends on who you ask.”

The Big Squeeze: What To Really Do When You Have A Pimple

By Chrisanthi Kaliviotis - Grazia

"So what marks a salon extraction different to a good ol’ fashioned at-home squeeze? A lot of things, according to skin expert and star facialist Diandra Politano. Here, we squeeze the truth about extractions and pimples out of Politano, who sets the squeezing record straight, once and for all."

Everything You Need To Know About Light Therapy. From skin expert (and light fairy) Diandra Politano

By Chrisanthi Kaliviotis - Grazia

"Light therapy (LED) has been abuzz in the beauty world for some time now. From red light to blue light, Omnilux to Lite Lux, LED treatments are everywhere, and continuing to gather pace. But why?"

Up Your Brow Game At Sydney’s Best Eyebrow Studios

Brooke Harrison - The Urban List

"We’ve rounded up Sydney’s best eyebrow salons specialising in brow transformation. With 10 years in the brow game, Diandra Politano is all about a full and natural brow that doesn’t cost your weekly groceries allowance. Not only does she shape like a boss, but she also tints and does a mean lash lift too. You can find her in Sydney’s inner west and before you ask, it’s totally chill here—yep, no brow shame in sight."

33 of the Best Sydney Beauticians According To Instagram in 2018

Wedded Wonderland

"There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh face. With all the new skin and beauty trends popping up, it can be a little hard to keep up, so we asked our Wedded Wonderland audience to let us know who their favourite Sydney beauticians are."

Here’s Why You Get Pimples In Your Beard, And What You Can Do About It

By Melissa Mason - Pedestrian TV

“Try using a facial scrub every second or third day, and moisturise daily. Also – wash your face with a cleanser morning AND night – you need to get rid of environmental aggressors, sweat and dirt to fix this situation up. It’s especially important for when the hairs start growing back, your skin must be clear of any dead skin build up in order for the hair to come through well, explained Diandra."

How Katherine Langford Went From Being A 'Girl From Perth' To International Stardom

Cover Manicure for ELLE Magazine

"The 22-year-old star of 13 Reasons Why is one of five women on our May cover, as we celebrate the next big things in sport, TV, film, music and fashion."

Katherine wears Louis Vuitton and Cartier. Photographed by Simon Upton, Styled by Emma Kalfus, Hair by Renya Xydis, makeup by Filomena Natoli using Dior, manicure by Diandra Politano

The Better Way To Apply Your Face Mask

 ELLE Magazine

"Applying your mask with a brush means less mess, you won't waste product by getting it all over your hands. Plus the light pressure aids in lymphatic drainage - Says Sydney based Skin Therapist Diandra Politano"